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Why attend?

INNIO Jenbacher gas engines provide the solution to the rising energy costs that wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operators are facing. Our gas engines efficiently and reliably convert sewage gas into electricity and heat in plants that use anaerobic digestion for biosolids treatment. The process covers up to 80% of a plant’s electricity needs and makes it unnecessary to burn fossil fuels for heating. Additionally, the generators can increase operational resiliency by supplying power to the WWTP during a grid outage.

Let us show you how: With well over 1,000 Jenbacher engines in North America, we are a vital part of the energy transition in the US and Canada. Our local employees support customers in over 50 industries producing greener energy, including many Waste Water Treatment Plants

Join this free webinar for consultation on the following:

  • How using Jenbacher technology to reach electrical efficiencies of up to 43% reduces the need to purchase energy from the public grid while simultaneously providing free thermal output to heat the digesters.
  • How fuel blending on Jenbacher engines can increase flexibility of operation
  • How onsite power generation can improve the resilience of the WWTP during outages of the grid
  • How WWTP using RNG technology can use natural gas fueled generators to lower operational cost
  • How extended services intervals on Jenbacher engines optimized for sewage gas can cut maintenance costs
  • Case studies of installations

Key Learning Objectives

  • How myPlant, Jenbacher´s fully developed monitoring function, including remote monitoring, creates high levels of reliability.
  • How Jenbacher´s high power engine density reduces space requirements and installation costs.
  • Learn how major WWTPs use Jenbacher technology to cut their energy costs.
  • Find out how Jenbacher experts can support my project with consultation, plant sizing and layout, BOP, installation know-how and life-time service.

Target Audience

Director, Vice President, Senior Manager, Manager, Founder, Sustainability Leader, Resiliency Leader, Sustainability Manager, Facilities Manager, Plant Manager, Operations Manager, all roles within Wastewater & Chemical Treatment

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Luis  Ampudia

Luis Ampudia

Senior Sales Manager - Jenbacher N. America

Luis is the Sr. Technical Sales Manager for the Southeastern US region for Innio Jenbacher with more than 14 years of experience in the Power Generation Industry with multiple CHP projects under his belt. He specializes in the Food and Beverage Industry and Greenhouse CHP. Having worked for major Gas Engine OEM’s in the US and Mexico. He is well versed in Biogas, CHP, and General Gas Power applications. He has a Biochemical Engineering Degree from Monterrey Tech in Mexico and a Master of Agriculture from Texas A&M University.

Christian  Mueller

Christian Mueller

New Unit Sales Manager Jenbacher N. America

Christian Mueller has responsibility for the direct sales of Jenbacher units in the southwestern region of the US. Christian brings more than 10 years of power generation experience to his current role at INNIO Jenbacher, having worked for gas engine OEMs in the US and Europe. His background includes both sales and sales engineering roles focused on gas power generation applications, CHP, Biogas and Microgrids. Christian is based in Houston, TX.

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