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INNIO is ready for the age of hydrogen! With its potential as a CO2-free fuel source and its ability to be stored, hydrogen (H2) is an important part of the energy transition. INNIO already has 50 years of experience in converting alternative fuels into power—and more than 8,500 of our Jenbacher gas engines are operating on climate-neutral gases right now.


Solutions for a


3 ways to use hydrogen with Jenbacher gas engines:

H2 in the pipeline gas

As of 2022, Jenbacher gas engines can be offered with a Ready for H2 option, capable of running with up to 25% (volume) of hydrogen in the pipeline gas. As hydrogen becomes more readily available in the future, all Ready for H2 new units and most of the currently installed Jenbacher natural gas-fueled engines can be converted to operate on 100% hydrogen. The type 4 engines are already available today to run on 100% hydrogen.

H2 locally admixed
to natural gas fuel

Up to 60% (volume) hydrogen content can be admixed to natural gas with special versions of Type 3, Type 4 and Type 6 engines. The type 4 engines are already available today as dual-gas-fuel solutions capable of running on 100% natural gas, 100% hydrogen or mixtures of natural gas and hydrogen.

100% H2 as gas
engine fuel

Jenbacher Type 4 gas engines are also available as pure H2 engines that operate only on hydrogen and are CO2-free.




The first Jenbacher engine
running on 100% hydrogen

Was installed at a demonstration plant
in Northern Germany.

H2 Energy Storage

Today - more than

250 MW

Of INNIO’s installed Jenbacher
fleet runs on high hydrogen fuels
with up to 70% H2

projects in


for example:

80,000+ oph with coke gas

Gas with hydrogen content up to 70%

200,000+ oph per engine since 1996 with a chemical process gas

Very low heating value gas from a chemical process
4 Jenbacher J320 engines at a chemical plant in Krems, Austria

55,000 oph with syngas from biomass

Gas with 30% to 40% hydrogen, produced from a waste gasification process
Only 1 of many examples using this type of promising renewable gas in the future


  • 2020

    First 1 MW gas engine globally to run on up to 100% H2 commissioned in Germany

    Hanse Werk Natur, an EON company, runs a flagship project in Hamburg. The 1 MW Jenbacher J416 gas engine can run on variable hydrogen-natural gas mixes as well as on 100% hydrogen.

  • 2008

    70,000+ operating hours with up
    to 42% hydrogen since 2008 in Argentina

    At the Hychico Diadema Wind Park and Hydrogen Plant, renewable hydrogen is produced using water electrolysis. Hydrogen is stored underground for research purposes, and a 1.4 MW Jenbacher J420 gas engine runs with a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen to produce power.


Our total care package supports IPPs,
utilities and EPC companies

Consulting in planning stage

Support in plant sizing and layout

Expertise around balance of plant equipment

Execution strength in installation phase

Full-service support throughout the plant’s lifetime

Jenbacher Type 420

Our comprehensive Jenbacher
gas engine H2 portfolio

Proven data to help you make an informed decision on the best engine type for your project

  • J920

  • J624

  • Type 6

  • Type 4

  • Type 3

  • Type 2


Let us help you get ready, too.

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