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We are a “one-stop solution provider” for scalable and flexible gas engine-based LNG-to-Power solutions. We work with you to design the tailored power generating concept that meets your needs. Typical decentralized power plants range from 10 MW to 50 MW matching Jenbacher's product portfolio of 250 kW to 10.4 MW of single unit electrical power output. Our company collaborates with suppliers, distributors, and other leaders in the LNG value-chain to deliver effective LNG-to-Power solutions.

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Empowering Net Zero with flexible, future-proof technology

Nowadays, lowering carbon footprints in power generation is a must. CO 2-free renewables for baseload power generation need to be combined with dispatchable power from such energy sources as biogas, biomethane, or clean gas. Future energy investments need to consider a multi-fuel strategy involving natural gas for today, renewable gases and a hydrogen energy mix for a sustainable tomorrow.

Operating gas engines with liquefied natural gas (LNG) today and transitioning to CO 2-free green hydrogen power generation tomorrow is a feasible option.


Virtual pipeline LNG as a bridge to CO 2-free fuels like hydrogen

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available globally and it can be used to leverage a fast energy transition and reduce carbon footprints.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) – natural gas, converted to a liquid form through refrigeration to -260°F (-162°C) is a clear, colorless, non-toxic liquid. It occupies 1/600th of its original gas volume, making it economical to safely transport, trade and store.

Utilizing LNG opens up a global market for you with competitive price-building mechanisms and the ability to choose from various providers.

LNG production and transport is a proven concept. The LNG infrastructure can be used for future carbon-free hydrogen power generation.

The virtual pipeline connects the main storage facility by truck, smaller feeder ship, rail, or decentralized small pipeline to a power plant or industry complex.

Outline of Hub-and-Spoke System

Industry Trends Hub and Spoke System

INNIO’s efficient, flexible, and scalable LNG-to-Power solutions

Small-scale LNG-to-Power combines LNG storage, transportation, and regasification with efficient power generation delivering outputs of up to 50 MW.

LNG to Power Solutions efficient and scalable


LNG to Power Solutions Power Product Range

Jenbacher Container layout Jenbacher Container Gas Engine Solutions
Containers are available for Jenbacher gas engines Type 2, 3, 4 and 6 with a broad range of options to meet the project requirements


- Pre-installed package completed with auxiliary systems ensures a quick and easy site installation

- Compact footprint consumes minimum amount of space on site

- All components perfectly matched and tuned to the specific site requirements by INNIO Engineering to ensure optimal performance


Less Carbon

Less carbon-intensive fuel

Natural gas and/or biomethane can be used today with the ability to switch to green hydrogen, a 100% CO 2-free fuel, when it becomes more readily available—all while using the same infrastructure

Flexible Assets

Flexible assets

Available when fluctuating renewables are not, power plants with Jenbacher gas engines can provide baseload, mid-merit operating, or even grid support through ancillary service and frequency support—opening up multiple revenue streams for you through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Fast Construction Time

Fast construction time

Depending on circumstances, our solutions can be mobilized in just a few months to a maximum of 1.2 years for a larger EPC structure offering you a fast revenue stream

INNIO LNG Concept Study and Financial Model

Find out more about how Jenbacher LNG-to-Power solutions pay off for 20 and 50 MW power plants

LNG-to-Power Case Studies

LNG Case Depositi Italiani


Ravenna small-scale LNG terminal saves big on energy costs

A small-scale power station centered on three Jenbacher J312 generator sets fueled with natural gas derived from LNG is delivering 1,905 kWel of power while reducing energy costs for Depositi Italiani GNL S.p.A., Italy’s first coastal LNG storage and handling plant.

Commissioned in 2021 as a turnkey project with the exclusion of civil work, the Depositi Italiani GNL S.p.A. terminal aims to efficiently produce all of the power needed to run the plant.

"Our Ravenna plant is Italy’s first small-scale LNG plant aimed at promoting and developing our domestic LNG market to help guarantee a practical supply within the country. To meet this goal, we turned to INNIO for an efficient and cost-effective power production solution. INNIO has proven to be an ideal partner, providing its reliable Jenbacher energy production technology and skillful technicians."

Dr. Alessandro Gentile, CEO, Depositi Italiani GNL S.p.A.

Jenbacher equipment: 3 x J312
Fuel type: Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
Output: 1.9MW
Total efficiency: 39.5%

LNG Case GNT Australia


Delivering high efficiency, low emission gas power at Australian gold mine

A power station centered on four Jenbacher J620 gensets fueled with natural gas derived from LNG is delivering 13.4 MWel while reducing energy costs and emissions at the GNT Resources Pty Ltd’s Dalgaranga Gold Mine.

It has achieved power cost savings of more than A$2 million over just 10 months of operation compared to equivalent diesel power. It also is expected to cut an estimated 57,270 metric tons of CO2—a 28.8% emission reduction*—over the six-year initial life of the mine compared to diesel.

* according to the customer

Jenbacher equipment: 4 x J620
Fuel type: Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
Output: 13.4MW

LNG Case Mamuda Foods Nigeria


Power plant provides key to success for Nigerian manufacturing group

Three Jenbacher J612 and five Jenbacher J620 engines fueled with natural gas derived from LNG meet the power needs at the Mamuda Foods plant in Kano, Nigeria.

This infrastructure project includes a long-time agreement with one of the largest LNG companies in Nigeria, which trucks LNG to the site. Mamuda Foods is part of the diversified business conglomerate Mamuda Group, which is able to ramp up production and diversify its product lines on the strength of their ability to generate their own power.

"More than 40% of the cost of business goes to power, so generating our own power at cost-effective rates gives us a competitive edge while helping to reduce the load on the grid so others can benefit. Our company is saving on costs, guaranteeing uninterrupted power, and—most importantly—reducing our carbon emissions. Sustainability is at the heart of what the company does."

Nemr Hammoud, Vice Chairman & COO, Mamuda Group

Jenbacher equipment: 3 x J612, 5 x J620
Fuel type: Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
Output: 1.9MW

  • Digital Solutions for Jenbacher

    Jenbacher myPlant Performance Solution

    Our cloudbased technology lets you manage your assets wherever you are, secure and live. Take control of the operating performance and profitability of your gas engine by giving it a digital life.

    Jenbacher myPlant Performance Solution
  • Remanufacturing program

    Jenbacher Remanufacturing Program

    Innovative solutions that give your engine and parts a new life. The Jenbacher* Remanufacturing program gives your engine and all of its parts a new, longer life, returning used components to like-new conditions.

    Jenbacher Remanufacturing Program
  • Gas Engine multi year agreements

    Jenbacher Multi-Year Agreements (MYA)

    Improve your performance at lower cost. Our multi-year agreements (MYA) are tailored service agreements to complement your capabilities with maintenance coverage, performance guarantee and operation support.

    Jenbacher Multi-Year Agreements (MYA)
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