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B.E.N.E. Möglingen (GER)

Initiative combines Jenbacher CHP technology with a solar installation and heat exchanger

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Global climate change is upon us, and immediate solutions are needed for a successful energy transition. With that in mind, energy provider Bürger.Energie.Neckar.Enz (B.E.N.E.) GmbH & Co. KG is on a mission to deliver reliable, future-proof, and sustainable heat to home in the Stuttgart area. this pioneering initiative began in the community of Möglingen, which is home to 11,000 residents. In cooperation with the Bietigheim-Bissingen engineering firm IBS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, B.E.N.E. GmbH & Co KG implemented the entire project independently, from development to construction to operation. In the process, B.E.N.E. GmbH & Co KG has become a role model for environmentally friendly energy production.

A trailblazing energy concept using CHP and heat pump technology  

In addition to its existing energy sources, B.E.N.E. GmbH & Co. KG wanted to build a completely new local heating network to provide the community with reliable, quiet, and highly efficient heat. When it came to implementing the "Energy made in Möglingen" initiative, B.E.N.E. GmbH & Co. KG opted for maximum flexibility, combining a Jenbacher cogeneration plant, a heat pump, a heat storage unit, a solar installation, and a 50kW CHP unit for self-sufficient supply.

The project kicked off in 2020 in a residential area of Möglingen with the installation of a Jenbacher J320 CHP plant with an electrical output of 999 kW and a thermal output of 1,384 kW. Building the plant so close to the people it serves was designed to maximize its energy density. To extract as much heat as possible, three heat exchangers were installed along with a 440 kW heat pump. The heat pump provides additional sustainable power by using the CHP plant's radiated heat and low-temperature exhaust gas.

The large heat storage unit can hold 750,000 liters of water and gives the plant operational flexibility in response to electricity prices.

The heat supplies the new heating network and also can be banked temporarily in the storage unit. Two reserve boilers, one in the power plant and one off site, complete the new installations. The solar installation on the roof of the building and the 50 kW CHP unit produce power for in-house use.


With smart energy management and comprehensive monitoring of both production and consumption, B.E.N.E. GmbH & Co. KG now can keep downtime and servicing to a minimum while also stabilizing the security of its supply. The result: optimized, transparent, and sustainable power generation.

Combining INNIO's Jenbacher J320 CHP unit with the high heat extraction from three heat exchangers - two feeding straight into the heating water network and one for the heat pump - plus the heat pump, has maximized the plant's overall efficiency. Excess power is sent to the grid at attractive feed-in tariffs.

As of 2022, all energy management at the plant is fully digital and operates under hybrid customer care with on-site and remote service. Thanks to these hi-tech systems and full monitoring, uptime is almost 100%. And downtimes of 30 minutes or less, operation are extremely agile..

INNIO's tailored service offering has been another key success factor in the Möglingen energy project, with optimized on-site technical support providing to be a winning formula in conjunction with pioneering Jenbacher energy solutions.

Customer benefits

  • Reliable supply with minimal downtime  
  • Efficient power and heat provision thanks to a combination of innovative technologies 
  • A sustainable, efficient, and secure overall concept that leaves the plant ideally placed for the future 


Möglingen, Germany

Installed engine

 1 x J320

Electrical output

 999 kW

Thermal output

 1,384 kW

Energy source

Pipeline gas 




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