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Report 2021

Landfill Plants

Waste not, want not - turn your waste into energy.

Depending on the landfill design and its management, as well as waste composition, compaction, moisture and several other factors, thousands of landfills are available worldwide to collect and utilize this valuable energy source for power generation.

In our increasingly populated world, waste is unavoidable. But instead of just letting it rot, now you can put it to work in ways that actually help the environment and fuel your business at the same time. Generate heat and power with Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engines operating on captured landfill and sewage gas, reducing conventional fuel use and environmental pollutants—all while yielding high levels of efficiency.


  • Use waste gas as a cleaner energy source
  • Reduce tariffs by using renewable energy
  • Earn carbon credits through methane reduction
  • Yield as much as 90% efficiency for CHP systems
  • Yield up to 42-43% electrical efficiency using waste gas
  • Profit from selling excess power to the public utility grid
  • Take advantage of flexible contractual service agreements
  • Facilitate easy mobility and adjust to changing needs with low-weight containerized units
  • Operate smoothly even with fluctuations in gas composition and pressure as well as low heating value

Featured Projects

  • Istanbul Energy image
    TurkeyEurope (excl. EEA, Switzerland)

    Istanbul Enerji (TUR)

    Biomass plant in Turkey advances environmental objectives while providing 37 MW of electricity to Istanbul


    Istanbul, Turkey

    Installed units

     26 x J420

    Electrical power

     36.4 MW

    Buffer storage system

     1200 m3

    El. efficiency



    Landfill gas


    2021, 2022

    Istanbul Enerji (TUR)

  • Biomont image
    CanadaNorth America

    Biomont Landfill Plant (CAN)

    Biomont Énergie plant converts landfill gas into energy, significantly reducing emissions in Montréal


    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Installed units

     3 x J612

    Electrical power

     4.8 MW

    Thermal power

     5.2 MW

    Total efficiency



    Landfill gas



    Biomont Landfill Plant (CAN)

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  • Explore the advantages of onsite power generation solutions for your company
  • Discover how to use economic modeling for added financial benefit
  • Get answers on the technical aspects of your project—including fuel types, feasibility studies, and equipment and balance of plant selection
  • Learn how to take advantage of regional incentive programs
  • Review the delivery options for your project: purchasing, financing, leasing, and engaging a service provider, such as ESCO or BOO
  • Find out how to meet emissions targets

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© Header Image: Landfill Wernsdorf, 2015; Image author: Firma Helicolor Luftbild Ost GmbH; Landfill operator: Berlin Cleaning Service

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