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Data-based insights: With the growing complexity of plant operations, the need for digital solutions has become paramount. As your Jenbacher system’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM), INNIO Group offers the myPlant intelligent digital platform, which helps you manage your plant operations – and increase your profitability – throughout their life cycle. Our cloud-based myPlant technology embeds analytics and digital solutions in our offerings. Today, we manage more than 12,000 Jenbacher engines remotely – delivering more than 1,200 billion data points annually.

Why the OEM?

Exceptional insights

We combine our industry-leading expertise in our portfolio of smart digital solutions with our cloud-based myPlant technology. The result: an unprecedented level of insight into your industrial assets. You benefit from better engine management and lower maintenance costs with a combination of the proper set of digital tools, our OEM expertise, and data that meets your specific needs.

Your OEM digital solution advantages

Engine management and business planning through increased transparency

Remote issue resolution with more than 60% technical issues solved

Predictive maintenance via continuous monitoring and early issue detection and resolution

Profitability with our all-in-one energy management solution1/2


Our portfolio

A full suite of digital support

In the last decade, we learned from you and developed a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions that support your needs. Today, we are constantly expanding this suite of digital support, and our work with you continues. Our global cloud-based myPlant platform actively supports you in your systems’ operations and site improvement. Available anywhere and at any time through any digital device, myPlant helps you manage your operations from the office or on the go.

Two main product lines

  • myPlant Performance
    // BLUE //// GREY //

    Take your system to the next level with myPlant Performance. INNIO’s digital cloud-based technology focuses on increasing your plant’s uptime and efficiency and reducing your life-cycle costs while maintaining high security standards. Experience the benefits of more intelligent, data-driven asset management, and take your operations to a new level.

  • myPlant Optimization

    See increased profitability with myPlant Optimization. By intelligently combining market prices and heat forecasts with your operations' economic, governmental, and operational costs, INNIO's all-in-one energy management solution allows you to easily manage your heat- and energy-creating operations through constant adjustments to operational challenges. Together with you, our customers, we developed this modular system tailored to your specific needs – whether you are a biogas farmer or a heat and energy provider – to meet the challenges of the new dynamic world.


The economic value you gain

Investing in Jenbacher digital solutions pays off

With immediate support via remote diagnosis, you gain economically. This example, based on a real business case, shows you how. Using the intelligence of myPlant Performance can provide you:

  • 24/7

    Remote monitoring
    diagnostics and

  • Reduce unplanned downtime


  • > 60%

    Remote fix rate

  • Fewer service
    technicians dispatches


  • 145,000

    Avoided costs3

Case studies

  • Service Case Study Prominent - Foto

    myPlant brings more efficiency to greenhouses in the Netherlands

    "The ability to monitor key engine performance indicators is of utmost importance to us – both for reliability and efficiency. Our myPlant Performance user apps and interfaces are very friendly to work with, and provide an instant overview of engine condition for maximum predictability."

    Jacco Besuijen, Energy manager at Prominent Greenhouse, the Netherlands

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Whether you are looking to address your basic service needs - from maintenance requests to day-to-day spare part and consumable requirements - to technical training for your workforce, digital solutions, or even system development plans, our Jenbacher Services experts can advise you on the solution that will be right for you.


1 Available in selected countries.
2 Optimization/optimize refers to the automatically generated recommendations for action by the myPlant energy management solution to improve the status quo of electricity trading and resource-efficient plant operation.
3 e.g., with a J620 (3.3 MW): With a J620 (3.3 MW) engine, a shutdown of six to eight weeks could trigger a shortfall of €145,000, depending on feed-in tariffs and downtime

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