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Jenbacher Type 2

Jenbacher Type 2: J208

Introduced in 1976, INNIO's Jenbacher Type 2 gas engine offers high efficiency power with a robust design.

The stationary engine concept provides excellent durability, while enhanced components and a proven control and monitoring model give the Type 2 engine outstanding reliability.
~1,250 engines delivered since 1976.

J208 – efficient L8-cylinders power generation solution for small/mid scale businesses.

    • Front View of a Jenbacher J208 Gas Engine
      • Front View of a Jenbacher J208 Gas Engine (CHP Module)
        • Front View of a Jenbacher Type 2/3/4 Gas Engine (Container)

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        Scope of supply:

        50 Hz

        60 Hz

        * Provided technical data is for information only. Data ranges are calculated considering various gas quality levels and ambient conditions (standard or hot/tropical conditions, etc.). Jenbacher can change the technical data unilaterally. In the case of such change, we will update the data on our pages as soon as we can. Please reach out to our experts to get help with engines selection, obtain the technical parameters for your gas composition. Output and efficiency at generator terminals. Energy input is according to DIN ISO 3046 and DIN 6271, respectively, with a tolerance of + 5%. All data according to full load and subject to technical development and modification. Based on emission values of 250 and 500 mg/Nm3 NOx at 5% O2 at dry exhaust gas. Base for biogas and sewage gas versions: 65% CH4 / 35% CO2. Base for landfill gas version: 55% CH4 / 40% CO2 / Rest N2.

        Electrical Output335 kW

        Thermal Output410 - 424 kW

        Voltage480V - 600V

        Electrical Efficiencyup to 37.2 %

        Thermal Efficiencyup to 47.1 %

        L: 200 x W: 70 x H: 80 inches

        Highlights of Jenbacher Type 2 engines

        With their durability, reliability, and fuel flexibility, Jenbacher Type 2 gas engines have an unmatched worldwide reputation of getting the job done.

        • High-performance long-life spark plug for reliable operation.
        • Applicable heat sources include engine cooling water, oil, mixture gas, and exhaust gas.
        • Applicable gas types include: natural gas, associated petroleum gas (flare gas), propane, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas, coal mine gas, other special gases (e.g. coke, wood, and pyrolysis gases).

        A perfect fit for applications up to 1MW across various industries.

        Total flexibility

        Depending on customer needs, the Type 2 can use a variety of gas types to increase efficiency levels and reduce industrial emissions.

        Reliability for all scenarios

        The Jenbacher Type 2’s turbocharger bypass is able to compensate for extreme operating conditions.

        Complete efficiency

        Enhanced combustion provides maximum efficiency, no matter how it’s being used or what fuel is desired.

        Scope of supply:

        Combined Heat and Power Module (CHP Module) solutions allow customers to generate power and heat simultaneously at a very high total efficiencies, reaching 90% and even more.

        Usual scope of supply:

        • Engine and alternator installed on the frame
        • Control panel, gas train
        • Heat exchangers including exhaust gas heat exchanger

        CHP Modules can generate hot water or steam at various parameters and can be integrated with your existing heat infrastructure. You can select the option that fits your project’s needs among the various heat recovery schemes provided by Jenbacher.

        The scope of supply can be extended further with various balance of plant options (BOP) offered by Jenbacher, reach out to our specialists for help in selecting scope of supply and BOP options to fulfill your project’s needs.

        CHP Modules can be installed inside a building or inside a container. To see more details about Jenbacher’s Containerized solutions, click here.

        Balance of Plant

        The right auxiliary equipment is of critical importance in ensuring that a power solution is economically feasible and gets your business the most in terms of reliability, availability and efficiency. Click on provided balance of plant options to learn more. Reach out to our experts to select the configuration that fits your business’ needs.

        Available BOP elements may vary depending on the engine and application type.

        Case studies

        • Case Study B.E.N.E. Möglingen picture

          B.E.N.E. Möglingen (GER)

          Initiative combines Jenbacher CHP technology with a solar installation and heat exchanger


          Möglingen, Germany

          Installed engine

           1 x J320

          Electrical output

           999 kW

          Thermal output

           1,384 kW

          Energy source

          Pipeline gas 

          Year of commissioning


        • Biomont image

          Biomont Landfill Plant (CAN)

          Biomont Énergie plant converts landfill gas into energy, significantly reducing emissions in Montréal


          Montreal, Quebec, Canada

          Installed units

           3 x J612

          Electrical power

           4.8 MW

          Thermal power

           5.2 MW

          Total efficiency



          Landfill gas



        • Shanghai Tourism image

          Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Zone (CHN)

          Jenbacher J624 trigeneration technology for efficient and clean energy to resort complex in Shanghai


          Shanghai, China

          Installed units

           5 x J624

          Electrical power

           22 MW

          El. efficiency


          Total efficiency


          Emissions reduction

          60,000 tons of CO2

          Annual energy savings

          Equivalent to 20,000-ton coal


          Natural gas



        • Huadian image

          Huadian Industrial Park (CHN)

          Jenbacher J620 gas engines provide reliable, efficient energy to industrial park in Beijing


          Beijing, China

          Installed units

           2 x J620

          Electrical power

           6.7 MW

          Total efficiency


          NOx emissions

          < 500 mg / Nm³ at 5% O2


          Natural gas



        • Hansewerk Natur Case Study

          Hansewerk Natur (GER)

          using Jenbacher technology


          Hamburg, Germany

          Installed units

           1 x J320

          Electrical power

           600 kW

          Thermal power

           1 MW


          100% Hydrogen


          2019 (natural gas), 2022 (H2)

        • Gasgreen image

          Gasgreen Energia (ECU)

          Innovative biogas power plant is reducing methane gas pollution in Ecuador


          Quito, Ecuador

          Installed units

           2 x J320, 3 x J420

          Electrical power

           up to 5 MW

          Total efficiency



          Landfill gas


          2016, 2017

        Our Services

        • Digital Solutions for Jenbacher

          Jenbacher myPlant Performance Solution

          Our cloudbased technology lets you manage your assets wherever you are, secure and live. Take control of the operating performance and profitability of your gas engine by giving it a digital life.

          Jenbacher myPlant Performance Solution
        • Remanufacturing program

          Jenbacher Remanufacturing Program

          Innovative solutions that give your engine and parts a new life. The Jenbacher* Remanufacturing program gives your engine and all of its parts a new, longer life, returning used components to like-new conditions.

          Jenbacher Remanufacturing Program
        • Gas Engine multi year agreements

          Jenbacher Multi-Year Agreements (MYA)

          Improve your performance at lower cost. Our multi-year agreements (MYA) are tailored service agreements to complement your capabilities with maintenance coverage, performance guarantee and operation support.

          Jenbacher Multi-Year Agreements (MYA)
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