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Enhancing performance: The continuous adjustments we make with our innovative solutions can increase your plant’s sustainability and bring you top economic results. Let INNIO Group – your Jenbacher system’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) – partner with you for the unique insights you need to always stay up to date. INNIO Group knows how to support you proactively so you can continuously improve to meet your ambitious efficiency and climate goals. After all, we have delivered about 1,000 upgrades annually over the past 10-plus years!

Why the OEM?

Supporting upgrades that matter

We meet your individual needs by helping you select the ideal option for your system from our comprehensive portfolio of upgrade packages. Our upgrade products are thoroughly tested and field validated during the development stage. Then, before they are released, we precisely match our upgrade solution to your installation requirements – checking components, parameters, and component tolerances to help ensure all elements work together smoothly for your power system’s optimal performance.

Your OEM upgrade advantages

In-house testing and validation, matching to the DNA of our engine

After Sales Support, with technicians trained on our upgrades

Fast return on investment cycle


Our portfolio

Jenbacher upgrade packages make a difference

  • Increase efficiency

    Lower your life-cycle costs through higher engine efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

  • Increase power

    Obtain a boost in nominal power output over the life of your unit with a power output increase upgrade package.

  • Reduce emissions

    Meet your emissions requirements with our continuously enhanced, tailored emissions control systems and analytics upgrades.

  • Extend lifetime

    Boost your engine’s lifetime by several additional years (up to five years for peaking applications) with our lifetime extension upgrades.

  • Gain better control of your plant

    Get significantly improved options for plant management directly on the engine or via remote monitoring. Additionally, you can opt for the latest features available from myPlant Performance – our tailored digital remote support platform.

  • Receive future-oriented investment security

    Our options for the use of CO2-neutral fuels (e.g., all new Jenbacher engines are “Ready for H21) support future- oriented investment security for your plant operation.

Lifetime extension


Other services to consider:

The economic value you gain

Investing in the latest technology upgrades pays off

Not only do our upgrade solutions help you gain economically, but they also benefit the environment. Upgrades can be applied at reasonable cost with a substantial return on investment (ROI) within a short period of time. Customers with high electrical power demand will realize benefits sooner.

Here is an example based on a real business case made with data from one of our customers and a few basic assumptions.

Significant savings

when upgrading to the 3F version with biogas

Biogas prices can
fluctuate heavily

In some cases where biogas is a byproduct, it may even be free.


In Germany, for example, the cost for energy corn crops is €0.07–0.10 per kWh (as of October 2022) – and that may increase.

In the calculation below, we assume €0.10 per kWh.

Engine J320 D25

J320 F25

Electrical output 1,067 kW 1,067 kW
Electrical efficiency 40.7% 42.0%
Difference   1.3% pt.
Energy input (gas input) 2.622 kWh 2.540 kWh
Energy saving per hour (gas input)   81 kWh
Gas price (assumption) €100/MWh €100/MWh
Gas price €0.1/MWh €0.1/MWh
Gas saving per hour €0/MWh €8.11/MWh
Operating hours per year 5,000hrs/year 5,000hrs/year
Gas cost savings per engine per year €0/year



Case studies

  • Jenbacher 3F testimonial:  Dominikus Ringeisen Werk

    The difference a Jenbacher upgrade package can make

    "Our past experience of Jenbacher upgrades was so positive that it was an easy decision for us to upgrade to the next generation of the Jenbacher Type 3F. Thanks to the improved fuel usage of the modern 3F generation engine, we have been able to both increase our profitability and reduce our environmental footprint."

    Thomas Roth, Head of Power and Engineering for Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk (DRW), Bavaria, Germany

  • Service Case Study HanseWerk - Foto

    Successful conversion to hydrogen in Hamburg

    "We have demonstrated that our Jenbacher combined heat and power plant from INNIO Group can operate reliably with 100% hydrogen."

    Dr. Nikolaus Meyer, Managing director of Hansewerk Natur GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

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1 „Ready for H2“ bedeutet, dass die Jenbacher Anlage grundsätzlich in Zukunft auf den Betrieb mit bis zu 100% Wasserstoff umgerüstet werden kann. Details wie Kosten und Zeitrahmen für eine solche Umrüstung können variieren und müssen individuell geklärt werden.

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