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Optimizing your business: As a power plant owner, you need a partner that goes beyond parts delivery and technical work. With today’s quickly changing energy landscape, you must keep your equipment at top performance over its life cycle. As your original equipment manufacturer (OEM), INNIO Group has the experience to help you simplify your decision-making processes, proactively finding the solutions to meet your business needs. With more than 25,000 Jenbacher engines produced globally and up to 99% plant reliability, INNIO Group is your long-term Consultancy partner.

Why the OEM?

Knowledge sharing

Working with you, our highly experienced team develops and implements strategies that can lower your life-cycle costs, increase your efficiency, and meet your other business needs – while ensuring compliance with emission requirements. We build on our vast expertise in the development, design, and optimization of energy solutions to enhance product performance in the field and meet your individual demands. Our myPlant platform provides you with powerful, real-time data, analytics, and insights to help you with your continuous plant optimization efforts.

Your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Consultancy advantages

Fast decision-making with thorough insights

Condition-based maintenance capability that considers your operational profile

A performance and reliability boost through pro-active monitoring

Emissions compliance with a wide range of emission reduction solutions

Future-proof technology with a strong focus on innovation


Our portfolio

Experience makes the difference

Our experts with a deep Jenbacher technology knowledge base and OEM-specific service insights provide the following Consultancy services:

  • In-house & on-site technical investigations
    • Technical analysis of parts, systems, or complete assets
    • Comprehensive investigation report
  • Monitoring-as-a-Service
    • Proactive consultancy to enhance your system’s performance over its life cycle
    • Personalized predictions and suggestions through close asset monitoring
    • myPlant Customer Connect App for easy and quick interaction with your Jenbacher Services manager or Technical Support person
  • Condition-based maintenance
    • Sophisticated analysis to predict maintenance requirements that consider your operating profile, fuel quality, and other relevant conditions
    • Maintenance of both parts and consumables, such as lubricating oil and engine cooling water
    • Timing determined for optimized cost benefit for the required maintenance, based on your data and operational needs
  • Emission solutions
    • Exhaust gas treatment and catalyst system selection and/or optimization
    • Real-time monitoring packages of emissions performance
  • Energy transition consultancy – our microgrid solution
    • Resilience (for instance, to mitigate the risk of power outages)
    • High-quality access to power in remote areas
    • Integration of renewables to achieve decarbonization targets
    • Predictable levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) over the investment’s life cycle
    • Reductions in peak load and transmission and distribution loss with generators located close to the point of consumption and peak shaving
    • Grid modernization by integrating smart technologies for flexibility

The economic value you gain

Investing in Consultancy with Jenbacher Services pays off

With our Consultancy services, you gain economically. This example, based on a real business case, shows you how. At Avacon’s combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Salzwedel, data points from the Jenbacher system helped the operator recognize that an increase in efficiency would be possible through modifications in mixture formation.

Technical data & savings potential with mixture formation modification

1 x J416

Installed engine

Pipeline gas

Energy source

Before modification After modification
Electrical energy 1,189 kW 1,189 kW
Electrical efficiency 43% 43.2%
Difference 0.2% points
Energy input (gas input) 2,768 kW 2,752 kW
Gas price (assumption) 0.12 €/kWh 0.12 €/kWh
Operating hours per year ca. 5,000 ca. 5,000
Gas cost savings per year 0 €

9,600 €

Corresponding adjustments were carried out successfully during a maintenance event. Using the innovative Jenbacher myPlant Performance technology, this business case illustrates that algorithm-assisted plant management on an industrial scale can be implemented today, setting the course for a greener, safer, more economical, and future-oriented energy supply.

Case studies

  • Service Case Study Avacon - Foto

    Future-proof plant operation with Monitoring-as-a-Service

    “INNIO Group’s Jenbacher myPlant Performance platform and myPlant Customer Connect App have been crucial to the economic operation of our plant, and also a flagship project for intelligent plant management."

    Frank Rümper, Asset manager at Avacon Natur, Germany

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Whether you are looking to address your basic service needs - from maintenance requests to day-to-day spare part and consumable requirements - to technical training for your workforce, digital solutions, or even system development plans, our Jenbacher Services experts can advise you on the solution that will be right for you.


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