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Driving circularity: The energy industry is increasingly dominated by the need for viable economic solutions that efficiently and sustainably use resources. That is why our products are designed to go through multiple life cycles. Based on your business model and service profile, our Jenbacher technicians can give your assets another life. With more than 1.2 million hours of skilled workers’ remanufacturing experience, INNIO Group – your Jenbacher system’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) – partners with you to provide the remanufacturing solution you need.

Why the OEM?

Seamless transition

We don’t just focus on sustainability. We realize a seamless transition with minimal interruption is necessary to your operations. We know exactly which overhaul service is needed to keep your engine and components in top performance, so we precisely tailor your overhaul solution to your installation and operating conditions. Our stringent quality control and extensive in-house testing help ensure excellent performance and reliability – so your components fit into your plant just as well as the originals. Our technology expertise, fleet operability knowledge, and advanced manufacturing come together at our overhaul centers to give your components a new lease on life.

Your OEM Remanufacturing advantages

Reduced environmental footprint and circularity, with re-used resources whenever possible

High reliability and lower costs, with our high-quality reUp components

Product upgrades that bring your equipment to top performance levels


Our portfolio

Tailored multiple life options

Our wide-ranging portfolio of remanufacturing solutions, with our reUp engine options and reUp spare parts, optimizes resources and materials.

  • reUp engines

    The engine is the heart of your power plant, and efficient engine performance allows you to operate with confidence. Choose from three different engine overhaul options for your engine’s next powerful life cycle.


  • reUp spare parts

    An engine is only as good as the parts inside it. Choose from our reUp spare parts portfolio to support your ongoing maintenance planning.


With our support, your plant can operate for another life cycle

The basis of our remanufacturing process is an exchange program in which you can receive our remanufactured products before you return your used components. Sometimes, with the latest technology upgrades, we can even improve them!


Other services to consider:

  • Service agreements for more predictable life-cycle costs
  • Optional upgrades for even better performance, reliability, and engine life

Our process

INNIO Group maintains a newly Remanufactured – not just rebuilt – attitude. In fact, our Remanufacturing Program designs, engineers, and delivers only genuine components that meet our exact standards and specifications. With our holistic and systematic five-step Remanufacturing process (Reman process), our reUp engines and reUp parts are carefully re-assembled and comprehensively tested before delivery. In this way, we help ensure that all components work together in harmony for optimal system performance.

Remanufacturing is the process of returning end-of-life products to the same condition as new ones.

  • Disassembly & Cleaning

    Engines and parts are disassembled and cleaned by skilled personnel to eliminate and remove elements that can hide flaws.

  • Inspection

    All engines and parts are carefully inspected and thoroughly tested. We use OEM dimensions and tolerances to ensure specifications are met.

  • Machine & Assembly

    Skilled assemblers follow exact standards and specifications from the most current engineering drawings when remanufacturing parts. All worn parts that do not meet our strict requirements are replaced by new OEM parts.

  • Testing

    Every engine and part that leaves the factory has been comprehensively checked. Each test is recorded and stored electronically to maintain quality control.

  • Painting, Packing, & Shipping

    Engines and parts are painted or preserved and carefully packaged to ensure they are protected from the elements. They can be installed right out of the box.

This video explains the steps involved in our Jenbacher remanufacturing process and provides you with insights into our advanced Remanufacturing world.

Case studies

  • Jenbacher 3F testimonial:  Dominikus Ringeisen Werk

    Starting a full new life with a version upgrade

    "Our past experience of Jenbacher upgrades was so positive that it was an easy decision for us to upgrade to the next generation of the Jenbacher Type 3F. Thanks to the improved fuel usage of the modern 3F generation engine, we have been able to both increase our profitability and reduce our environmental footprint."

    Thomas Roth, Head of Power and Engineering for Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk (DRW), Bavaria, Germany

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