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Let's talk about power plants.

Jenbacher technology is fueling life itself, in greenhouses growing food and other plants. The benefits of cogeneration for greenhouses go well beyond heating and lighting.

A global increase in both food demand and environmental awareness has led to a rapid rise in the greenhouse horticulture industry. That is because greenhouses today have the ability to simultaneously increase the viability of their crops and effectively control carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Jenbacher technology can provide you with heat, electricity and CO2 fertilization, increasing your greenhouse’s total efficiency, profitability and plant production. Today, more than 1,500 Jenbacher cogeneration units with CO2 fertilization have been installed worldwide, providing about 3,300 MW of power. 

The Jenbacher solution

Jenbacher combined heat and power (CHP) systems not only provide electricity for on-site or public grid use, but also heat and CO2 to fertilize plants and meet the requirements of an efficient greenhouse. By increasing the intensity of the artificial lighting that is found in some greenhouses, plants absorb even more CO2. Plant growth and the subsequent harvest yield can be significantly increased by enriching the greenhouse environment with CO2, keeping the temperature constant, and providing sufficient lighting.

The energy created by gas engine cogeneration systems in greenhouses can be used in various ways. The electricity can provide the power for artificial lighting and/or be fed into the public grid. And while the heat can efficiently meet the greenhouse’s requirements, the CO2
from the engine exhaust gas can help fertilize the plants. That is because the exhaust from gas engines burning natural gas contains approximately 0.2kg of CO2 per kWh of energy input.



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CHP benefits for Greenhouses

Solutions Benefis Graphic

  • Reduction of operating costs by implementing a combined heat and power system
  • Containerized, ready-to-use solutions, dedicated turn-key solutions for greenhouses
  • Potential to earn additional revenue supplying excess power to the public utility grid
  • Possibility to capture engine exhaust CO2 and use it as high-quality plant fertilizer
  • Ability to store CO2 and heat for a time-independent supply
  • Minimized footprint with compact design
  • Yield overall efficiency as high as 95%

Selected Case Studies

  • Case Study Den Berk - Foto

    Den Berk Délice (BEL)

    with combined heat and power


    Den Berk Délice, Belgium

    Installed engines

     6 x J416, 2 x J624

    Electrical output

     16,482 kW

    Thermal output

     20,948 kW

    Total efficiency

     102.3% (44.5% electricity, 57.8% heat)

    Energy source

    Pipeline gas


    2017, 2022

  • AMCO Produce (ON, Canada)

    AMCO Produce (CAN)

    Efficient, cost-effective CHP plant supports energy- and heat- intensive hydroponic production while delivering a reduced carbon footprint


    Ontario, Canada 

    Installed engine

     1 x J316

    Electrical output

     850 kW

    Thermal output

    1.2 MW

    Total efficiency


    Energy source

    Pipeline gas



  • AGR Greenhouse image

    AGR Fenland Glasshouse (GBR)

    CHP energy center with an innovative heat pump system delivers power and heat with 30% less CO2 than conventionally heated greenhouses


    Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

    Installed engines

     1 x J416, 1 x J620, 1 x J624

    Electrical output

     9 MW

    Thermal output

     11.2 MW

    Total efficiency


    Energy source

    Pipeline gas



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