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Data Centers

Secure and efficient power solutions.

Data center solutions at the national level are a key industry trend, creating the need for decentralized power solutions. To make these onsite energy systems sustainable, integrated waste heat recovery solutions are needed to enable cooling, which usually accounts for up to 40% of a data center’s energy requirements.

  • Your challenge
    Your data center is considered critical infrastructure, meaning you must provide the highest levels of availability and reliability and prevent IT blackouts. Yet, you face increased capacity and energy demand from growing global data traffic and an exponential rise in internet-connected IoT devices.
  • Industry Trends
    Data center solutions at the national level are a key industry trend, creating the need for decentralized power solutions. To make these onsite energy systems sustainable, integrated waste heat recovery solutions are needed to enable cooling, which usually accounts for up to 40% of a data center’s energy consumption.
  • Our approach

    INNIO’s Jenbacher trigeneration plants are flexible, innovative systems offering combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) solutions.

    You can bring down emissions significantly by replacing the conventional electric-driven cooling compressors now used in data centers with combined onsite power generation. Our technology uses the generated waste heat with individual solutions based on absorption chillers, heat pumps and other waste heat recovery solutions. When fueled with highly reliable pipeline gas, Jenbacher CCHP systems can cut your data center’s CO2 footprint by up to 50%—depending on the energy mix—while saving more than 20% of the primary energy used. Ready to work in parallel with the grid, Jenbacher’s engines can be a good solution for data center backup power generation.

    Data Center - Technical Scheme 01 - EN

The Jenbacher solution

In a Jenbacher trigeneration plant, the engine continuously provides electrical power, efficiently and reliably. The waste heat it generates can be used in an absorption chiller to produce continuous, energy-efficient cooling. Because they have no moving parts, absorption chillers are very reliable and represent the technology of choice for continuous operation. With Jenbacher’s gas gensets for data centers, trigeneration technology is utilized to simultaneously produce electricity, heating, and cooling, thereby maximizing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Data Center - Technical Scheme 02 - EN

Benefits of CCHP plant for Data Centers

Solutions Benefis Graphic

  • Ensure supply security
    Our Jenbacher CCHP plants using pipeline gas provide you with power that is independent from the grid, working as a data center’s main source of energy and/or data center backup power generators.
  • Lower your costs
    The electrical and thermal efficiency of a Jenbacher CCHP plant can reach up to 90%.
  • Benefit from scalable modular system
    Onsite power sources provide you with more flexibility when you need to expand your data center — or even design a new one.
  • Open up the opportunity for CO2 - free operation
    Our pipeline gas-driven Jenbacher engines produce only half as much CO2 emissions as power produced from coal. With our "Ready for H2" option, our engines are capable of running with up to 20% (vol) of hydrogen in pipeline gas.

Emergency Backup Power and Grid Balancing Support for Data Centers


INNIO and NorthC Datacenters to build first hydrogen emergency backup power solution with engines globally.

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INNIO's Jenbacher engines to power 60 MW hyperscale data center power plant in Ireland.

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Download our "Data center power solutions" brochure for more detailed information.


Hydrogen-based Power Generation: A Net-Zero Backup Solution for Data Centers

Learn more in our white paper, how Jenbacher hydrogen generators can be used to decarbonize the backup power supply in data centers. It is intended to be used as a decision-making aid for the transformation path towards net-zero data centers.


Learn more about our Jenbacher hydrogen solutions here.

Hydrogen power generation solutions for data centers

With more than 50 years of experience and expertise in the conversion of alternative fuels into electricity, Jenbacher’s data center generators that use hydrogen can replace the need for fossil fueled backup power.

Dual fuel – Hydrogen & Natural Gas

2 options now available:

  • H2 blended up to 60 Vol% H2, up to 2 MW
  • Flexible fuel to 100% H2, up to 1 MW

100% Hydrogen, 1 MW

  • Available
  • Zero carbon emissions with green H2
  • >95% NOx reduction compared to Tier 2 Diesel

innio data center dual fuel


See for yourself. Join Henning Liepelt, our Product Manager for Containerized Solutions, as he takes you on an exclusive tour of INNIO's pioneering Jenbacher containerized energy system, designed for 100% hydrogen operation. Get ready to step into the future of sustainable energy solutions!

Find out more about our hydrogen solution here .

Selected Case Studies

  • Vodafone image

    Vodafone (ITA)

    Jenbacher trigeneration plant provides efficient cooling, heat and power to Italian emergency system


    Milan, Italy

    Installed engine

     1 x J620

    Electrical output

     3,354 kW

    Thermal output

     3,385 kW

    Total efficiency


    Energy source

    Pipeline gas



  • Beijing image

    Datacenter Beijing (CHN)

    One of Chinaʼs first data center to use trigeneration as main source for power, heat and cooling


    Beijing, China

    Installed engines

     5 x J620

    Electrical output

     16.7 MW

    Thermal output

     16.7 MW

    Total efficiency


    Energy source

    Pipeline gas



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