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Jenbacher Type 4

Based on the proven design concepts of Jenbacher Type 3 and Type 6 engines, Type 4 engines are characterized by high power density and outstanding efficiency.

Enhanced control and monitoring provide easy maintenance capabilities, as well as excellent reliability and availability.
>6,400 engines delivered since 2002.

    • Front View Jenbacher J420 D/E Gas Engine_New
    • Front View of a Jenbacher J420 Gas Engine
    • Front View of a Jenbacher J416 Gas Engine
    • Front View of a Jenbacher J412 Gas Engine
      • Front View Jenbacher J420 D/E Gas Engine_New (CHP)
      • Front View of a Jenbacher J420 Gas Engine (CHP Module)
      • Front View of a Jenbacher J416 Gas Engine (CHP Module)
      • Front View of a Jenbacher J412 Gas Engine (CHP Module)
        • J320 CONTAINER 1
        • J320 CONTAINER 2
        • J320 CONTAINER 3

        Change the scope of supply by clicking on a thumbnail.

        Scope of supply:

        50 Hz

        60 Hz

        * Provided technical data is for information only. Data ranges are calculated considering various gas quality levels and ambient conditions (standard or hot/tropical conditions, etc.).
        Jenbacher can change the technical data unilaterally. In the case of such change, we will update the data on our pages as soon as we can.
        Please reach out to our experts to get help with engines selection, obtain the technical parameters for your gas composition.

        Output and efficiency at generator terminals. Energy input is according to DIN ISO 3046 and DIN 6271, respectively, with a tolerance of + 5%.
        All data according to full load and subject to technical development and modification.
        Based on emission values of 250 and 500 mg/Nm3 NOx at 5% O2 at dry exhaust gas.
        Base for biogas and sewage gas versions: 65% CH4 / 35% CO2.
        Base for landfill gas version: 55% CH4 / 40% CO2 / Rest N2.

        Electrical Output851 - 1,564 kW

        Thermal Output916 - 1,775 kW

        Voltage480V - 13.8kV

        Electrical Efficiencyup to 42.7 %

        Thermal Efficiencyup to 48 %

        Highlights of Jenbacher Type 4 engines

        Jenbacher Type 4 engines have the same design, emissions control, and waste gas-to-energy capabilities as their Type 2 and Type 3 counterparts, plus high power density and outstanding efficiency in their power range.

        • The high-power turbocharger allows optimal operation at higher air intake temperature and altitude.
        • A four-valve cylinder heads features enhanced swirl and channel geometry using advanced calculation and simulation methods, resulting in optimal cooling and combustion conditions.
        • The Type 4’s connecting rod reduces bearing wear and is easy to maintain.

        Applicable gas types include: natural gas, associated petroleum gas (flare gas), propane, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas, coal mine gas, other special gases (e.g. coke, wood, and pyrolysis gases).

        Scope of supply:

        Combined Heat and Power Module (CHP Module) solutions allow customers to generate power and heat simultaneously at a very high total efficiencies, reaching 90% and even more.

        Usual scope of supply:

        • Engine and alternator installed on the frame
        • Control panel, gas train
        • Heat exchangers including exhaust gas heat exchanger

        CHP Modules can generate hot water or steam at various parameters and can be integrated with your existing heat infrastructure. You can select the option that fits your project’s needs among the various heat recovery schemes provided by Jenbacher.

        The scope of supply can be extended further with various balance of plant options (BOP) offered by Jenbacher, reach out to our specialists for help in selecting scope of supply and BOP options to fulfill your project’s needs.

        CHP Modules can be installed inside a building or inside a container. To see more details about Jenbacher’s Containerized solutions, click here.

        Balance of Plant

        The right auxiliary equipment is of critical importance in ensuring that a power solution is economically feasible and gets your business the most in terms of reliability, availability and efficiency. Click on provided balance of plant options to learn more. Reach out to our experts to select the configuration that fits your business’ needs.

        Available BOP elements may vary depending on the engine and application type.

        • Proven Efficiency

          Offering superior efficiency with an innovative engine concept, Type 4 engines save on fuel without sacrificing flexibility or reliability.

        • The flexibility to do more

          The Type 4 is available in 50 and 60 Hz and features fuel and solution flexibility—making it an excellent choice for more than 10 different applications.

        • Reliability you can count on

          With their reliability, dependability and high degree of availability, it’s easy to see why over 2,000 Type 4 engines have been delivered.

        Type 4 Case studies

        • Case Study Mavrorachi - Foto

          Mavrorachi Landfill (GRC)

          Sustainable HELECTOR project with Jenbacher engines in Greece wins global environmental award


          Thessaloniki, Greece

          Installed engines

           3 x J416

          Electrical output

           3.52 MW

          Electrical efficiency


          Energy source

          Landfill gas



        • CS Agrotor - Foto

          Agrotor (HND)

          uses waste byproduct for power generation


          San Alejo, Atlantida, Honduras

          Installed engines

           1 x J420, 1 x J316

          Electrical output

           2,272 kW

          Total efficiency

           up to 40.1%

          Energy source



          2019, 2008

        • CS Biotown - Foto

          Biotown (USA)

          to power and heat from RNG/biomethane


          Indiana, USA

          Installed engines

           1 x J420, 6 x J320

          Electrical output

           1,429 kW; 6,357 kW

          Thermal output

           5,388 MBTU/hr; 12,751 MBTU/hr (hot water)

          Total efficiency


          Energy source



          2011, 2014, 2020, 2023

        • Case Study Den Berk - Foto

          Den Berk Délice (BEL)

          with combined heat and power


          Den Berk Délice, Belgium

          Installed engines

           6 x J416, 2 x J624

          Electrical output

           16,482 kW

          Thermal output

           20,948 kW

          Total efficiency

           102.3% (44.5% electricity, 57.8% heat)

          Energy source

          Pipeline gas


          2017, 2022

        • Case Study Del Monte - Foto

          Del Monte (PHL)

          Jenbacher engines power 1st combined heat and power plant to run on biogas in the Philippines


          Del Monte, Philippines

          Installed engines

           2 x J420, 1 x J320

          Electrical output

           3.88 MW

          Thermal output

           3.19 MW

          Total efficiency

           up to 85%

          Energy source



          2015, 2019

        • Case Study Flughafen Memmingen - Foto

          Memmingen Airport (GER)

          to achieve a climate-neutral airport


          Memmingen, Deutschland

          Installed engine

           1 x J420

          Electrical output

           1.5 MW

          Thermal output

           1.7 MW

          Energy source




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