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Den Berk Délice (BEL)

with combined heat and power

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About Den Berk Délice

Meeting Belgium’s goal of transitioning to 100% renewables by 2050 requires a stronger focus on power flexibility. At Den Berk Délice’s greenhouses in Belgium, small distributed power plants are enabling that flexibility using Jenbacher energy solutions and greenhouse balance-of-plant equipment.

Through multi-year service agreements, the Jenbacher engines also are connected to INNIO Group’s myPlant Asset Performance Management (APM) platform for enhanced reliability, productivity, and performance. The high-efficiency Jenbacher engines use pipeline gas to provide heat and power to Den Berk’s greenhouse complex and carbon dioxide (CO2) to fertilize the tomatoes. The result of continuous enhancements and extensive experience, INNIO Group's Jenbacher 1,500-rpm Type 6 engine technology delivers high power density with low installation costs, and its pre-combustion chamber achieves high efficiency with low emissions.

82 hectares of tomato cultivation, Den Berk Délice is an exceptionally reliable, full-service specialist dedicated to growing, marketing, and innovating delicious, top-quality tomatoes. The company strives to build effective long-term relationships with its suppliers and has made extensive use of Jenbacher technology in pursuit of its mission to let its customers enjoy tomatoes 365 days a year.



Den Berk Délice, Belgium

Installed engines

 6 x J416, 2 x J624

Electrical output

 16,482 kW

Thermal output

 20,948 kW

Total efficiency

 102.3% (44.5% electricity, 57.8% heat)

Energy source

Pipeline gas


2017, 2022


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