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Natural Gas

Lower emissions with cogeneration applications.

Natural gas, sometimes referred to as pipeline gas, can be used to leverage a fast energy transition and reduce the global carbon footprint.

Emitting about 40% less CO2 than coal, 20% less than oil, and about 30% less than diesel, natural gas is viewed as a perfect dispatchable match to the increasing share of fluctuating non-dispatchable renewables in global power grids. You can deploy natural gas immediately to serve as a substitute and bridge towards a cleaner energy future. Natural gas emits 202g of CO2/kWh instead of more than the 400g of CO2/kWh that is emitted out of lignite*.

INNIO has long-term proven expertise with more than 50% of the Jenbacher engines delivered globally running on natural gas. Learn more about our broad portfolio of applications which operate on natural gas below.

In addition to natural gas from fossil sources, natural gas can be derived from renewables.  Also called biomethane, renewable natural gas (RNG) often comes from agricultural waste or landfills, where it is turned into an energy source (biogas). The biogas then is upgraded to a quality that resembles that of natural gas. Fully interchangeable with natural gas, it can be fed into the existing natural gas pipeline network. The advantage? RNG uses waste to keep CO2 from the atmosphere while helping to decarbonize the gas grid.

The use of RNG in our Jenbacher engines is just one of many sustainable energy solutions from INNIO, with engines capable of efficient operation on a variety of renewable energy sources.

Learn more about our broad portfolio of applications that operate with natural gas below.

*Source: IPCC 2006

Featured Projects

  • Barts image
    United KingdomEurope (excl. EEA, Switzerland)

    Barts NHS Hospital (GBR)

    Jenbacher J420 trigeneration technology plays a lead role in increasing energy security and reducing emissions


    London, United Kingdom

    Installed units

     1 x J420

    Electrical power

     1.4 MW

    Thermal power

     1.6 MW


    Natural gas



    Barts NHS Hospital (GBR)

  • Fernwärme Ulm GmbH
    GermanyEEA and Switzerland

    Fernwärme Ulm GmbH (GER)

    Ulm completes its coal phaseout, thanks to two Jenbacher J920 Flextra cogeneration plants

    Installed units

    2 x J920 FleXtra

    Electrical power

    2 X 10 MW

    Thermal output

    2 x 9,6 MW

    Electrical efficiency



    CO 100 mg/Nm³ @ 5% O2-tro (daily average)


    NOX100 mg/Nm³ @ 5% O2-tro (daily average)


    Pipeline gas



    Fernwärme Ulm GmbH (GER)


Experience our webinar to learn more about Jenbacher's CHP solutions

Jenbacher North American team invites you to review the recording of our recent webinar, to learn how Jenbacher can help you develop your power plant projects, including equipment design and performance, using hydrogen and much more!

In the webinar, you will learn more about:

    • Overview of an independent power plant and its components

    • Jenbacher’s highly efficient type 6 genset

    • Our hydrogen power generation solutions

    • How proven equipment design improves performance

    • Power generation solutions with quick delivery and easy installation

The information provided is relevant for the North American market. Please reach out to our experts to discuss your project.

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