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Join Power Plant Experts Jenbacher North America for a deep dive

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Independent power plants (IPP) have to be quick-to-market and nimble enough to take advantage of changes and resulting opportunities in the energy markets.  Weather and climate changes as well as grid instability and unreliability have increased the opportunities for IPP companies to generate more power and revenue.  The Jenbacher Type 6 genset is the core component around which such a power plant can be built.

This presentation will begin with an overview of an IPP power plant, then proceed to disassemble it into its various components.  Each component will be shown in detail and functionality.  The design and performance of each component will be shown and its criticality to the operation of the overall power plant.

The components will then be reassembled to form the power plant and how the components interact will be described.  The overall operation of the plant and finally its interaction with the outside world will be explained.

The proven robust design and operational performance reduce the project design and permitting time frames allowing project developers to bring their project to market quicker and generate revenue sooner.  Join our free webinar and find out how Jenbacher will help your project development efforts

Key Learning Objective

  • The Type 6 genset is highly efficient and nimble for power generation. Learn why.
  • Jenbacher´s hydrogen capability allows the reduction of carbon-based fuels immediately and in the future. We´ll explain why we are best positioned in this space.
  • Jenbacher offers proven equipment design and performance reduce system design and permitting complexity for project developers. Let us tell you more.
  • Our team enables quick delivery and easy installation to reduce the time to market for project developers. We´ll show you how.


Christian  Mueller

Christian Mueller

New Unit Sales Manager Jenbacher N. America

Christian Mueller has responsibility for the direct sales of Jenbacher units in the southwestern region of the US. Christian brings more than 10 years of power generation experience to his current role at INNIO Jenbacher, having worked for gas engine OEMs in the US and Europe. His background includes both sales and sales engineering roles focused on gas power generation applications, CHP, Biogas and Microgrids. Christian is based in Houston, TX.

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