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Opportunities and Challenges in Real-World Pilot Projects

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As we embark on the cross-sector transformation of our global energy system towards a net-zero energy supply, the emergence of a robust global hydrogen market becomes imperative. Pioneering efforts are essential to disrupt established supply structures and lay the groundwork for initial green hydrogen hubs. These hubs present a unique opportunity for early adopters/first movers to establish themselves as leaders in an emerging green hydrogen sector.

However, the development of long-term projects at various scales within this evolving market presents a variety of challenges. With technology and regulation still in the process of maturation, these hurdles can be formidable.

Join us in our upcoming webinar, where you'll gain insights from practical project development experiences that shed light on the specific challenges involved in realizing economically viable projects across the green hydrogen value chain. While we'll explore various aspects, a particular emphasis will be placed on decentralized energy supply using hydrogen as a climate-neutral energy carrier.

Discover the strategies and knowledge that will empower you to navigate this transformative landscape.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • See case studies for green hydrogen hubs
  • Learn the required steps for a successful implementation of green hydrogen projects
  • Understand relevant regulations to consider for green hydrogen projects.
  • Receive an overview and comparative evaluation of technologies for H2 based power generation


Jens  Kottsieper

Jens Kottsieper

Head of Energy Solutions - ILF Consulting Engineers

Jens Kottsieper is Head of Energy Solutions at ILF Consulting Engineers with a focus on developing business activities and managing projects along the supply chain of connectivity projects for renewable energies and hydrogen from locations in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Americas, Asia and Australia into offtake regions in particular Europe over thousands of kilometres in the form of electrons or molecules such as hydrogen, ammonia or alike.

After successfully completing a Master of Business Engineering, he started his professional career in 2005 in techno-economic consulting for international oil, gas and energy infrastructure projects. In 2014 he moved into strategy development and later became Business Development Manager for new business areas especially in the environment of energy & climate protection.

Abdessamad  Saidi

Abdessamad Saidi

Senior Business Development Manager – Hydrogen, INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & Co OG

Abdessamad Saidi is an experienced professional in the field of hydrogen utilization within the energy sector. Presently, he is holding the position of Senior Business Development Manager for INNIO Group´s Jenbacher brand, where he spearheads initiatives to further their market presence and innovations. Having dedicated years to research and development in the field of renewable fuels, his most recent professional role involved advising energy providers in Germany on optimizing their business strategies within the emerging hydrogen market.

As a seasoned business developer, his primary responsibility is to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the evolving global energy landscape, particularly those related to decentralized hydrogen-based energy solutions.

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