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More success for Municipal Utility Service Providers

With the myPlant digital energy management solution from INNIO* Jenbacher*

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    Whether you’re operating a CHP or iCHP plant, “myPlant Optimization,” our all-in-one solution, helps keep your entire facility operating profitably and resource-efficiently. It’s automated, as our system links up to and constantly compares operational forecasts and predicted energy prices, both for heat and electricity.

Our main aim with this is to help you generate extra revenue and save time in the process.

Ultimately, though, you still have complete control:
you can modify your daily schedules at any time, even at short notice!

Learn from Gilbert Vogler, responsible for the decentralized power generation plants at Stadtwerke Rosenheim, why the company relies on the All-In-One energy management solution. Stadtwerke Rosenheim is an energy supplier and plant operator in Bavaria, Germany.

Added value for you, with us by your side

  • Comprehensive: from monitoring your engines to optimizing the generation of thermal energy and electricity – all in one place
  • Reliable: we ensure your customers’ needs for thermal energy are met and optimize your direct marketing at the same time.
  • Proven: self-learning energy management technology provided by the engine manufacturer Jenbacher and direct marketing that you can trust, developed in partnership with the experts at Stadtwerke Rosenheim in Germany. 
  • Based on your requirements: resource-efficient yearly schedules for your facility to maximize your CHP or iCHP’s profits
  • Economic efficiency: revenue-based direct marketing through day-ahead and intraday markets
  • Straightforward: customizable dashboard with integrated dropdown functionality – providing the right information to the right people and enabling speedy decision-making

Here’s how easy it is

  • Contact your INNIO Jenbacher representative

  • Receive tailored, confidential advice from INNIO Jenbacher and Stadtwerke Rosenheim on how to optimize your plant

  • Integrate interfaces, arrange for heat demand forecasts to be generated, and benefit from simple in-browser access to your energy management system

  • Start your energy management and receive transparent monthly reports on your additional revenue

Available in selected countries.
“Optimization/optimize” refers to the automatically generated recommendations for action by the myPlant energy management solution to improve the status quo of electricity trading and resource-efficient plant operation.

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